Ashes 2017 live score: Updates, Highlights from Second Test, Day 4 | Australia vs England

Ashes 2017 live score: Updates, Highlights from Second Test, Day 4 | Australia vs England

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YOU CAN GET  HERE :Ashes 2017 live score: Updates, Highlights from Second Test, Day 4 | Australia vs England

Ashes 2017 live score: Updates,

james-anderson-england-test DAY 4
james-anderson-england-test DAY 4


The match on the fourth day of the Second Test being played on the field of Adelaide between England and Australia has reached the exciting stage today.

The thrill of momentum in the match is increasing, till yesterday, where Australia’s edge seemed heavy, James Anderson today made it completely lighter

Playing ahead of four wickets at 53/4 runs yesterday, Australia bowed in front of English bowlers today and all out with just 138 runs

All the English players are contributing in all these out at 138 but James Anderson’s contribution is high.

In the second innings, James Anderson made the most of the deadly bowling and the Australian batsmen were upset. The result was that the Australian batsmen, who are perfection from their international reputation, could not bat at their level and scored just 138 all out In the second innings, they add only 85 runs on 4 th day 

Australia started playing ahead of four wickets for 53 runs in the last day and all his players were out for 138 runs

James Anderson along with his teammate Chris Woakes also take 4 wickets

These two bowlers only broke the Australian midfield and the back of the previous order and showed them the way to the pavilion.


Although England were to make 354 runs to win, until the second innings of Australia was over



After that the English batsmen came to start their innings and the duo of Alastair Cook and Mark Stonman could not do anything special on the field and they started off poorly in England.

England needed 354 runs to win and they had 10 wickets remaining, but soon Alastair Cook was out like the last time.

He scored 16 runs and shared 53 runs with Stone Man for the first wicket

Ston man did not retain his wicket for too long as Alastair Cook was out, and when England reached 54, they were out

The start of England was not so good and their first wicket fell to 53 runs and the second wicket fell to 54 runs

Now England needed only 300 runs to win and the problem was the way in which how to overcome today’s game

But the Australian players kept the order of taking wickets and the England wickets fell on the score of 91 when their third wicket fell in the form of James Vince

But Captain Joe Root handled the innings

And put some catchy shots and completed his half-century.

At this time he is playing on 64 and 8 fours in his innings

Captain Joe Root along with his fellow player David Malan is also playing with 29 runs

England have scored 169 runs at this time for 4 wickets

Only 183 runs needed to win this time And their six wickets are in hand

Australia bowling 2ND INNINGS

Mitchell Starc, 2  Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon took 1 wicket each for Australia

Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins are currently bowling in the bowling of Australia.

They want to out-take the English players at the earliest because the English players need very little runs to win and they just have to leave the whole day tomorrow, they have to bat 100 overs.



Australia 442/8 1st inngs

Australia 138/10 2nd inngs

Shaun marsh hits century in first innings

Starc And Nathan lyon was Success Bowlers take 3/4 wickets each


1ST inngs 227/10

2nd inngs 176/4

Anderson and Cris Woakes was success Bowlers take 5/4 wickets each



By the end of the fourth day’s play, England had 176/4 runs losing 4 wickets and they are only 178 runs to win this match and their 6 wickets are in hand

MATCH  has reached the same exciting situation and now it is to see what team is overwhelmingly tomorrow, the Australian bowler who is bowling with complete confirmation, the same English batsmen are batting with full vigilance. Now to see the match Which team wins? It’s difficult for the audience to have a night’s sleep because now they will think that Australia will win or England will win

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