the ashes 2017,2nd test day 5 live streaming,eng needs 178 runs to win

The ashes 2017,2nd test day 5 live streaming, eng needs 178 runs to win

captain Root

The Ashes 2017,2nd test day 5 live streaming, eng needs 178 runs to Win Today, on the fifth day, welcome to the Adelaide field here Australia

The second Test match between England and Australia is being played at the Oval Stadium in Adelaide, today is the fifth and final day of the match.

The thrill of today’s match has been so high that the players of both the teams have not slept in the night. England need only 178 runs to win and Australia take only six wickets but the match now bends on what it is today Will depend on the game


The captains of both the teams are engaged in making their own strategies. Captain Joe Root who is handling the responsibility of batting itself will have to play very stealthily and if he goes to bat only 50 overs, then no anyone stops England from winning the match.

On the other hand, Australian captain Steve Smith would like to take his bowlers as soon as possible and take England wicketsAustralian captain Steve Smith may have also regretted that in the first innings he declared on 42 runs that if his team had 10 to 20 overs and batting then the match position would have been different today

The result of today’s match depends on the wisdom of both the captains who will win the team matches, the captain of his team will be considered strategist because without the tactics winning today’s match, it will be very difficult for any team.

Australia need only six wickets to win, and that is the middle order and the previous order, England need 175 runs for the same victory which the captain cannot make any other than the root, hence this target is difficult for English batsmen. The Australian bowlers could face England with great difficulty in reaching this target.

Although both teams are quite old and experienced, they have had a lot of experience in this series, so it would be difficult to lower any team

Today’s Live Streaming will bring you 9.00 AM to the end of the match. In the meantime, we will be giving live updates live news to you. You have remained with us for  by Goodbye


He has strengthened his hold on the match in Australia, he sent the captain back to the pavilion in the first 5 overs

CAPTAIN JOE ROOT  scored just 67 runs

His teammate Chris Woakes also soon dismissed and scored just 5 runs

Australian bowlers have tightened their grip on the match and not allowing any English batsman to make runs

After two English batsmen out in the first six overs, the holes of the Australian bowlers have been fully elevated and now they have focused their attention on winning only the match and making the target that England will be all set for lunch. Have to get out and win the match is to see the captain Steve Smith’s strategy is so effective

Captain Joe Root was dismissed by Josh Hazlewood and Chris woakes Get dismissed by Pat Cummins

Very soon the result of the match is going on, please wait

England score 188 runs at a loss of six wickets

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