The history of Indian Cricket.

The history of Indian Cricket.

The history of Indian cricket has been very exciting, though there have been more than one cricketer, the history of Indian cricket is quite old.India, in which cricket is worshiped like a religion, due to which all the people of India are bound by one formula. The beginning of Indian cricket was from 1932 but the games were brought to England from England. Let’s get you some interesting start of Indian cricket today.

In 1600, the East India Company came to India, which was also called “John Company” in colloquial language at that time. Gradually, the East India Company came down to business with the business but the revolt of 1857 ended the East India Company, but before leaving, he left his game in cricket. At that time cricket was played only for hobbies, which English played with great passion. Where the East India Company gave a demonstration on the occasion, leaving the impression of cricket. At that time he played mainly cricket in Madras, Bombay and Calcutta, where cricket was becoming popular even in the local public.

The first proof of East India Company’s cricket playing was played in Cambay, near the Baroda in 1721. In 1792 the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club were formed in India. After defeating Tipu Sultan in Sringapatnam in southern India in 1799, he also created a cricket vault. First class cricket started in India in 1864, which was played between the Madras Club and the Calcutta Club by the British. After this, for the first time in 1889-90, the English team played for India, which was also called the first class class cricket. Since then, the English played many first-class cricket matches in India. For the first time in India in the 1880s, India had gone twice to play.

The first Indian Cricketer

The first cricket player in India was Kumar Shree Ranjeet Singh ji who played for England in cricket.  Shree Ranjeet Singh ji, whom all English players loved by calling Ranji Ranji’s name was considered one of cricket’s great batsmen, whose aggressive batting would have lost the opposition team. Ranji was a master in “Let Cut” who also invented “leg glance”. In 1896, he played the first match against England against England. In his first Test he made 62 runs in the first innings and 154 runs in the second innings, in his cricket career, he scored 989 runs in 15 Test matches and 24,692 runs in 307 first-class matches. the Ranji Trophy is playing in honour of him

After Ranji, his nephew Kuldeep Singh also had the opportunity to play on behalf of the British. Kuldeep Singh was also a great batsman to play against spin bowling and he also had several cricket strokes. Like his uncle, he also scored a hundred in his Test debut and scored runs at an average of 58.5. In this way, he scored 994 runs in 12 Test matches and scored 15485 runs in 205 first-class matches. He was also liked in  India as well as his uncle.

First test cricket of india

India played their first Test match in 1932, which they played against England. Naidu is known as the first captain of the Indian team. India did well in this match but did not win. At that time the test used to be three days. England first scored 259 runs in which M. Nisar took 5 wickets for India. In reply, the Indian team was reduced to 189 with captain Nayudu scoring the most runs in 40 balls. In the second innings, England scored 275 runs and thus India scored a target of 346 for victory but India were all out for 187 in the second innings. India thus lost by 158 runs.

so this is the history of cricketin india this is most playing game and this game is also likes in asian countries like india ,pakistan,srilanka, bangla desh also .

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